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    Hello fellow soldiers and welcome to the 3rd Generation of the Club Penguin crew!You can go to the join page and get a fairly good rank depending on your experience!
    ~Youg3 CPC main leader

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WHERE IS EVERYONE?/ Active Count/ Training Session

     Ok, first off, WHERE IS EVERYONE? No one has made a post in about 20 days, and no one has commented on a post in about 10 days. The third generation of the Club Penguin Crew is off to a horrible start. I don’t know what it is… maybe it’s the fact that we have a new site, or maybe because Hulk’s gone, or maybe everyon’es just lazy. The third generation needs to get off the ground again. So, we need to see how many we have active. Fill out the form below:

Active Count

1. What is your name on Club Penguin/Xat?

2. What is your rank?

3. How active are you on a scale from 1-10?

And last, just to get us up, off our feet and going, I am scheduling a training session. I expect everyone who will say they will be there to be there.

What: Training Session/Recruiting Session

When: Friday, July 30th, 10:00 a.m. PST, 11:00 a.m. MST, 12:00 p.m. CST, 1:00 p.m. EST, 6:00 p.m UK

Where: CPC chat, server Shiver

Why: To get the 3rd generation of the ground!

     There is 25% chance that I will be 5 minutes late, and the session cannot be more than 45 minutes because of a Nacho event at 11:00 PST (one hour after our session will start).


Godzilla Ham



RIGHT GUYS WE HAVE MERGED INTO THE GATORADES and there site is gatoradegatorsofcp.wordpress.com and we have to be active and try tell your friends and everything.thank you ~ken~


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Retirement of youg3

Hello Penguis, Troops and friends. You should be able to tell what this post is about…..

My retirement……

I just dont have enough time for this army anymore. I run a army called fire ninjas, Snow fighters 2ic and ACP, I also have other armies i am in. I know ho will bring this army success, That person is……..


Good luck. You will do well. I will be advisor and maybe plan some events.

Thats all for now, youg3

Getting active/ Recruiting Contest

Allo, Godzilla ish here.

     Ok, so the hardest part about starting a new generation/website for an army is getting people to rejoin and start becoming active again. So all soldiers are REQUIRED to ask anyone who has not rejoined this army to rejoin if you see them on any chat. Not that hard, they will probably say yes.

      I will be restarting “Godzilla’s Weekly Questionare”. Only thing, I keep forgetting which day I’m supposed to post it, so just comment saying which day you want it posted on. You can put a random day I don’t care.

     Also, so we can get active, so I am holding a recruiting contest from July 15-29. I will be adding a new question to the “Join” fill-out thing. “Who recruited you?” Whoever’s name comes up the most will win a prize. Below are the rules, and below the rules are prize ideas:


1. Asking someone to rejoin does not count. It has to be someone new. If you have joined CPC before, you do not have to answer the additional question, or just put “NA”.

2. Owners are not allowed to edit someone else’s comment and say that they recruited that soldier instead of the other person.

3. Any scheduled recruiting events do not count, either. You have to recruit on chats. If you are a recruit and were recruiting by a group of penguins and not just one, do not answer the additional question.

4. The winner will be announced July 30.

Prize Ideas

Xat Prizes: 500 xats, 100 days, etc. Except, I’m not allowed to get xats for some reason, and I have a feeling we will have trouble with prize donations.

Leading events: You get to be able to lead, say, the next 5 events.

Party: You get an all-nite party on CP and chat held in your honor. During the party, you get to become one line higher than you are (if you are a member, you get to be mod, if you are mod, you get to be owner, and if you are owner, too bad for you).

OR, the winner gets to pick an owner of their choice to run around CP for 20 minutes straight screaming an embarissing phrase, such as “I’M NAKED!” etc.

     If you want, we can mix and match the prizes, like an owner screaming on CP for 10 minutes and leading the next 3 events, or a bit of everything. Then on July 31st, we will have a recruiting session to see how far we have gotten. And Btw, this is just an idea, tell me if you like it.


Godzilla Ham

Active count

Hey guys,Youg here!

Anyway, i thoguht we should have an active count.Heres the Questions:

1.What is your Club Penguin name (on ranks)

2.What is your rank?

3.Out of 1-100 (100 being the highest) How active are you?

Just answer those.And can somebody please tell me how to add a poll daddy poll to a post?

~Thats all for now,Youg3

Welcome to the 3rd Genration of CPC!

Hello Fellow penguin and welcome to the 3rd Generation of the CLub Penguin Crew! (Known as the CPC)You can Join At the join page and have a look around the site! Please Respect your Leaders  and have a fun time in the CPC!~Youg,CPC main leader